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Promesse D'Ailleurs collection

In 2020, the Misia Paris collections do not deviate from the brand’s favoured theme: travel. Prague, Vienna, Budapest…the most beautiful Central European capital cities pass by, linked by the Orient Express which weaves their story, finding the common thread between these wonderful destinations, until it reaches Constantinople.

During the 1920s, the “Orient Express” style reached its peak, particularly thanks to the work of well-renowned decorators, such as René Prou or René Lalique. The carriages which cross Europe from West to East, are extremely refined, combining lacquering, gilding and marquetry with sublime decors of bronze, copper, exotic wood, ivory and other exceptional and rare materials. The carriages are the fruit of remarkable and meticulous collaborations between thirty different crafts using their traditional “savoir-faire”, amongst them cabinet-makers, carpenters, painters, jewellers and master glass-makers.

These journeys to the edge of the East are the privilege of a wealthy clientele. The Orient Express lines have been taken by many famous faces : the icon Joséphine Baker, the designer Coco Chanel, the adventurer Lawrence of Arabia, the spy Mata Hari, the writers Leon Tolstoy and Ernest Hemingway, and most memorably Agatha Christie, who chose the train as the scene of a crime and its investigation by Hercule Poirot. So many names and stories which have fed our imaginations over decades.

By taking on the story and the iconic theme of the Orient Express trains, Misia Paris has again proven its commitment to convey a certain idea of French-style luxury. It keeps its promise: inviting an exacting clientele on exclusive and luxurious adventures which it has partly rewritten, taking them to other countries, creating friendships and discovering cultures, satisfying the desire for encounters, the unknown, awakening the dream of being somewhere else.

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