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Known for their incredible repertoire of work ranging from commercial and retail projects to residential interiors and product designs, Pulp Design Studios is on a continuous quest for originality in their work, which they achieve through a combination of luxury design and a flair for the unexpected.

The Pulp team brings a sense of adventure to the business of design. So when it came to defining the narrative for a new contract collection for S. Harris — their second collaboration with the fabric company — interior designers Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios, turned to an important source of inspiration for the team.

The collection speaks to a collision of materials cast in an array of fashion hues & modern neutrals.

While keeping their worldly wits about them, but also searching a bit closer to home for aesthetic persuasions, Pulp Design Studios’ second collection with S. Harris strengthens the connection between the cutting-edge style of residential textiles and durability of commercial products. The result is a collection that brings a wider range of elevated and artistic sensibility to the hospitality sector.

“In residential design, we’re always bringing functionality and usability to our clients, and this collection will offer that to residential clients and will also give a wider range of luxury and artistic sensibility to the commercial sector.” – Carolina V. Gentry, Pulp Design Studios

View the full collection here.