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Westfield Newmarket, Auckland (Bellagio fabric)

Remove fabric stains with just water!

Aquaclean technology makes cleaning up spills a breeze. 


Hospitality venues are prone to wearing, spills and damage, which means durable materials are a must to keep your furniture in tip-top shape. Upholstered seating goes a long way when it comes to creating ambience, but can be difficult to clean, especially when wine or oils are the cause. But operators don’t need to worry about stained surfaces or expensive cleaning bills thanks to Aquaclean technology; stains are easily removed from fabrics using only water.

Forrester’s Hotel, Surry Hills (Belfast fabric)

So how does it work?

Aquaclean technology is an advanced treatment that is applied to the individual fibres of the fabric prior to weaving. The fabric maintains a soft, luxurious handle and prevents spills from penetrating the fabric. Traditional topical treatments in which a spray is applied after weaving can change the feel of a fabric and wash off after a small number of cleans. Aquaclean technology is part of the weaving process and an intrinsic part of the fabric that will not wash off.

Hygiene is front of mind for customers and operators due to the pandemic, but all parties can be assured that Aquaclean fabrics are treated with Safe Front Hygiene Protector; an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment. Aquaclean fabrics not only look great, but are also certified to ISO standards, PFC free (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals) and are fire treated to AS1530 parts 2 and 3.

Aquaclean is manufactured in Spain and comprises a diverse product range of different colours, looks and textures to suit all hospitality venues.