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Venetian Plaster

In the light of optimism, we feel awake & present.

The latest collection from Phillip Jeffries reflects upon a ‘new normal’, bringing a contemporary perspective on what adds joy to our lives. Inspired by the nurturing surrounds of nature, cosy comforts and shared moments, Awakening draws in a calming breath of fresh air and deeply exhales the stresses of today’s world.

Gilded Grid

Ox Horn

Organic materials combine with metallic glamour to bring light and optimism. Awakening shows great appreciation of the art of slowing down, taking time to create and produce something of beauty. Many of the wallcoverings produced involve time-intensive processes which result in fine works of art.

Gilded Ascent

Continuing ancient traditions, Phillip Jeffries works closely with artisans around the globe to produce exquisite wallcoverings for interiors worldwide. Gilded Ascent displays the art of Japanese metallic leafing where talented artisans carefully apply gold, silver and pewter leafing to a metallic ground using hashi (or chopsticks) – cleverly producing a series of shapes in a process reminiscent of stencilling.

Casting- Canopy

Casting- Channels

Casting- Rain

Seeing the beauty in time-worn materials Venetian Plaster brings a soft, organic feel to a room while allowing one to find comfort in imperfection. Castings of cascading petals, falling rain showers and slightly more structured Chanels create subtle drama; drawing the outside, in.

Broad Strokes

Broad Strokes brings fluidity and movement with its sweeping brushstrokes, drawing life to the walls in an organic yet modern shadow print.

Vinyl Reconstructed

Vinyl Shiplap


In a range of high-performance wallcoverings, vinyl takes on a more natural look with a variety of textures and patterns.

View the full collection here.