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1926- Concrete Washi II – Stepping Out 

P hillip Jeffries partner with small mills throughout the world to preserve artisanal crafts. 

The Concrete Washi wallcovering begins its journey in the jungles of the Philippines, where the cultural tradition of papermaking unifies a community. A village of skilled artisans use techniques passed down from one generation to the next to harvest abaca and transform it into a unique dimensional ground.


1927- Concrete Washi II – Brushing Up 

Craftsmen carefully comb abaca pulp into intricate designs. The result is an artisanal wallcovering that celebrates man’s relationship with nature. Abaca is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres. Revered for its purity, it plays a critical role in sustaining the Philippines both environmentally and economically. The abaca plant helps to control erosion and revitalize degraded forests – contributing to the region’s biodiversity. The industry ensures fair wages to the farmers and craftspeople in villages throughout the region.

View the collection here. 


1925- Concrete Washi II – Paving the Way 

NEW- Concrete Washi now comes in VINYL

Inspired by the look of the natural, handcrafted abaca pulp and stunning artisanal texture, Phillip Jeffries has introduced Vinyl Concrete Washi. Merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today’s performance wallcoverings. View the collection here

  • Deep emboss emulates a handcrafted process
  • Captures the layering of paper mâché
  • FR tested to AUS and NZ standards
  • Type II contract grade vinyl
  • Durable and washable
  • Anti- microbial
  • Potential LEED Credit: MRc 5

2822- Vinyl Concrete Washi – Rice Milk