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La Fantaisie

by Bergman & Co

Housed in a two-storey Victorian building in the heart of Abbotsford, La Fantaisie artfully combines florist, café and function spaces into a welcoming and tactile proposition.

Embracing a layered approach to materials, the venue reflects the beauty and fragility of the historic site. Burnished concrete floors, exposed-truss ceilings, raked render and troweled brick walls create a textural backdrop, drawing focus to the striking articulation of floristry and café benches. 

Interested in softening the industrial character of the warehouse building, Bergman & Co. introduced Camengo Fjord Chameau curtains from The Textile Company into the heart of the space. This linen-like voile subtly delineates the venue’s floristry and café spaces, lending privacy between settings. The softness of the fabric’s texture offers a subtle sense of movement, while its earthy tone harmonises with the blush veins of the nearby marble counters.


Fjord Sheer

Project Name
La Fantaisie
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Lillie Thompson
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Wendy Bergman

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