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James Malone- Dania

Why have James Malone chosen this ancient & noble fibre as the key ingredient to their creations?


Linen is not only one of the most sophisticated fibres, it’s also one of the strongest. Linen takes on colour like no other cloth and the elegance of a finished linen fabric with its soft hand is simply perfection. In addition to it’s beauty, linen resists tearing, retains its original shape, thermoregulates and is hypoallergenic. Linen is good for you.

Linen has excellent moisture absorption, retaining up to 20% of its weight in water without feeling damp. It’s able to release moisture into the air with ease, helping it remain cool & dry to the touch.

Linen is also one of the most organic & sustainable textiles known to man. It’s 100% recyclable, requires no additional water during its growing period & little to no chemicals, having virtually no impact on our environment.

James Malone- Carabosse

James Malone- Borodin

Digital Prints on Linen Basecloth

Linen base cloths provide a wonderful canvas for printing. James Malone favour digital printing due to its flexibility, precision and consistency. As with all natural fibres, there can be slight variations in shade and tone across dye lots so we recommend a batch cutting if you want to check this.

James Malone- Rossignol

James Malone- Zig & Zag

Linen Drapery

Linen provides a beautiful soft handle that drapes elegantly whether using a sheer or solid. Like all natural fibres, linen is susceptible to fading in direct sunlight so should always be paired with a lining or you can choose a lighter colour which makes fading less visible to the eye than a darker shade.

Linen is usually piece dyed, which means the fabric is dyed in it’s piece form after it has been woven. Therefore the batch colour may vary slightly from roll to roll and from the original sample. We recommend a batch cutting if you want to check this.

Linen is also very absorbent which means it can move with changing humidity levels so we recommend “puddling” the drape on the floor so any movement will go unnoticed. You can also provide a generous hem to allow alteration in the rare situation that alot of movement occurs.

James Malone- Walfre

James Malone- Hereo

James Malone- Crepe

James Malone- Kolomya

Private Label Linen Drapery

The Textile Company holds a comprehensive range of linen drapery fabrics in stock in Sydney such as the Amalfi linen pictured below.

The Amalfi is a pocket weave semi- sheer linen and is our best selling fabric around Australia.
Amalfi comes in three natural colours- Grey, White and Natural- click here for more details.


The Textile Company- Amalfi linen sheer

Linen Upholstery

Linen upholstery is very durable, particularly when blended with synthetic fibres. When specifying it’s important to remember that linen will crease and relax overtime which can create ‘sagging’ in upholstery application. Perfect for those who appreciate a casual aesthetic, but not for those who want tailored perfection. 

Linen also works really well as a loose cover as it’s perfectly suited to the relaxed styling required. 

Remember that the colour can vary slightly between batches so we recommend a batch cutting if you want to check this.

James Malone- Luberon (loose cover)

James Malone- Ravel (stripe) and other linen mix weaves

Private Label Linen Upholstery

The Textile Company holds a comprehensive range of linen upholstery fabrics in stock in Sydney such as the Belgian Bruges linen on the sofa (below left) and the Albi, Campania and Modena in the linen mood board (below right). You can view our stock line fabrics here.


The Textile Company- Bruges (upholstery) and Amalfi (drapery)

The Textile Company- Private Label Linens