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1. Chris Fryman our Sydney Showroom Manager will be spending his summer break in Orlando, Florida catching up with his family. On his Christmas wish list is a pair of Balmain Unicorn low-top sneakers. Once back from the US, Chris will be trying out a Mexican restaurant in Redfern called Itacate & Mexican Deli.

2. Louise Kemp our NSW Account Manager has an action-packed holiday planned, starting in Tasmania with her partner, where they will hike for 7 days on the Cradle Mountain Overland track. They will be enjoying dehydrated food plus a very special home made fruit cake on Christmas Day, perched high on a mountain. Louise has a gorgeous orange Louis Poulsen flying saucer lamp on her Christmas wish list. 

3. Claire Phillips our Brisbane Showroom Manager is heading down to the beautiful costal town of Narooma with her wife. It’s a place of childhood nostalgia; exploring the rockpools, crabbing, fishing and putting around in the dingy on the inlets. She loves being in the kitchen, so will be asking Santa for the new Bill Granger Australian Food cookbook. Claire will checking out Bosco, one of the latest additions to the Brisbane food scene. Their menu includes king prawns with prawn head butter… need she say more! 

4. Amanda Henderson-Marks our VIC Account Manager will be heading to her family holiday house in Noosa with her husband Mick. She has requested the Chanel Venise scent and a straw hat for QLD on her wish list. She will be visiting Farmer’s Daughters in Melbourne on her return, as a little birdie told her that she will be getting a voucher for xmas!

5. Adwena Shemon our Contract Administration Manager will be spending the summer break with her family in Tasmania, venturing to Bruny Island! She is asking Santa for a Another 13 fragrance and the latest book by Sigrid Nunez, called ‘The Vulnerables, to relax on the beach and read. Adwena will be checking out the summer blockbuster exhibition at AGNSW showcasing the talented French American artist Louise Bourgeois.

6. Deirdre Douglas-Leijten our Melbourne Showroom Manager will spending the Christmas break enjoying the fabulous local beaches with her hubby John and fur baby Ted. On her wish list is a bracelet to match her pair of gorgeous earrings from Kurashi Japanese Crafts, a super cute new store on High St, Prahran. Dee is eager to try out a ‘one hat’ restaurant called Tulum after hearing positive reviews from her colleague Susie and to be transported to Istanbul for an evening!

7. Kathyrn Lyons our Brisbane Showroom Consultant will be spending her Christmas in Sydney with family, doing the Bondi to Bronte walk, swimming in the deep blue sea and playing cards or giant Jenga. On her Christmas list she has asked for earrings from The Parade at Wilston, a great place to find a little original piece. She will be frequenting local spots, concentrating on the search for a really cold rosé and the best hot chips at Charcoal Fish Rose Bay.