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Mt Erica Hotel

by Bergman & Co

We used the playful James Malone, Scotch tartan fabric, in the adjacent, much newer, wing of The Mt Erica Hotel. It helped us retain the more traditional, stylistic elements of the old front bar, whilst allowing us to step forward in time. What was initially briefed to be mid-century design-inspired, evolved to something more playful and theatrical; this area becomes a looser, odder, more filmic play on the mid-century tradition of the neighbourhood pub. The wood paneling remains but transitions from the more traditional profiles into something more eccentric; the tartan upholstery takes on a more modern colour palette and the classic timber floorboards give way to cork.

Project Name
Mt Erica Hotel
Project Type
Photo Credit
Nicole England
www.nicoleengland.com and
Eugene Hyland
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