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Elements by Diane Keaton

Elements by Diane Keaton continues S. Harris’s century-plus history of innovation and its devotion to storytelling and legacy. The collection features materials that play with decorating with naturals, a call to Keaton’s own tastes in both interiors and fashion.

Contrasting monochromatic colours from white to off-white, to dusty taupes, camel tans, earthy greens, and shades of blue and black bridge together patterns with positive and negative spaces where the imagination can fill in the story. The result brings a multifaceted collection to the forefront in ways that are unexpected and deeply ripe with dialogue from one textile to the next.


BE inspired

S.Harris_2023_Diane Keaton_10_617x450



S. Harris launches a new collection of textiles made in collaboration with actress Diane Keaton. The collection features more than 50 new designs, all inspired by the actress’s roles and styles, charting her career through fabric.