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Immerse yourself in innovative elegance, as Camengo’s BOOMERANG universe draws inspiration from the timeless allure of geometric precision and symmetrical design. Through artistic ingenuity, raw materials like ceramic, concrete and steel are reimagined with rounded edges and warmer tones, seamlessly blended with plush textures such as velvet, bouclette and chenille. The result is a harmonious fusion of comfort and minimalism, offering a refined yet unpretentious aesthetic for contemporary living spaces.
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SPAZZOLA is a wonderful ode to freedom: a bold and uninhibited brushstroke to express a uniqueness audacity for your interior. This jacquard is characterised by the cut-yarn technique, giving a beautiful contrast within the design and also the detailed brushstrokes that give the design its intensity and energy.


Like a Boomerang, the collection of the same name enters your home to revolutionise the geometry of prints and the power of pigments. Its incredibly simple and powerful strokes, surprising contrasts and fascinating freedom of expression carry you towards a stunning graphic revival.


RAMILLE is a double-width or double-drop plain, depending on your requirements for curtains. Its dupion cotton appearance is slightly irregular and patinated, giving a very supple drape and incredible softness. In 100% Polyester, Ramille is easy-care and robust even after washing. This fabric is certified Oeko-Tex: this label is defined by technical standards, guaranteeing the health and environmental qualities of fabrics and guarantees the absence of products harmful for health and the environment. Ramille is available in 28 colours.